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scorpion wireless

intelligent security (SWIS)


A software based application technology which utilizes wireless communication between “Comfort Zone” and the handheld device.


”Comfort Zone” is a predefined parameter- based area which is determined by shape and size of the merchandise layout. E.g. Kiosk, Store or Fixture Isle.


All handheld devices equipped with SWIS are monitored for data analysis and security


Security – Tracking enabled, remote monitoring, and device disabling


Security – if any of the protected devices being removed from its “comfort zone” Warning Alarm will sound and message will be displayed on the screen to return the device in its ”comfort zone”. User will have 10 to 15 second window to return the device to its “comfort zone”  or, the device will go in full secure mode disabling external buttons and sounding security alarm. The security feature can be disarmed by user upon entering admin password or remotely from our backend interface. All Android and IOS devices can be protected with SWIS. Some IOS features may differ from Android such as a notification will be sent to bring SWIS in foreground before complete secure is engaged.


SWIS equipped devices will be monitored 24/7 in our remote asset protection solution


Alerts – SWIS is equipped with SMS and email notification system

Wearables SCORPION

Security Displays for Wearables Devices


Security Displays for Laptop


Security Displays for Phone